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About ZenaeFilmZ

About Zenae:

Step into the diverse world crafted by Zenae D. Zukowski, the visionary behind ZenaeFilmZ LLC. ZenaeFilmZ offers a blend of services and engaging content that cater to a variety of interests.

Zenae’s journey began after graduating from The School of Visual Arts in 2006 with a BFA in film, armed with an insatiable desire to create. Her path gravitated towards the realm of heavy music over the years, as she lent her talents to various websites such as, and In 2018, she achieved a pivotal change becoming the editor of Metal Insider, which marked a significant turning point five years later.

By 2023, Zenae had transformed her lifelong dream of owning a music store into reality, adding a modern twist to her endeavors. She became the owner of Metal Insider, integrating it into the ZenaeFilmZ LLC family. 

Zenae’s creativity knows no bounds, as exemplified by her partnership with Dizzy on Together, they delve into the realms of the unexplained, UFO sightings, haunted places, and everything wonderfully weird.

Having honed her craft over the years, Zenae has emerged as a dynamic force in the entertainment industry. Breaking boundaries across music, film, and the extraordinary, she defies convention while working passionately as a driving machine behind her projects. 

Furthermore, Zenae is currently in the process of writing her upcoming book titled ‘Chapters.’ This ongoing endeavor is a long time coming. She occasionally ventures into the realm of poetry, delving into the exploration of profound emotions and intricate personal struggles, which may one day find its place as a published collection.  Amidst her various pursuits, Zenae’s interests extend to culinary experimentation in the kitchen, where she crafts unique vegan dishes. However, she always makes time to cherish moments with her beloved pets, comprising both feline and canine. In the interplay of her diverse passions, Zenae finds a wellspring of inspiration that fuels her ongoing artistic ventures.

What is ZenaeFilmZ?: serves as a multifaceted platform that not only provides services but also functions as an informative webzine for film-related news. From captivating insights into the world of cinema to an array of creative services, this website is a hub for all things film. Whether you’re a film enthusiast or seeking professional services, offers an engaging space that bridges the gap between creativity and expertise. stands as a dedicated online platform catering to the world of hard rock and metal music. Our commitment lies in offering a departure from sensationalist clickbait reporting. Instead, we focus on providing insightful news coverage, expertly crafted band recommendations, comprehensive live event coverage, in-depth reviews, exclusive premieres, and a myriad of engaging content that resonates with the metal community and beyond. takes you on a journey into the realm of the bizarre and paranormal. Hosted by the enigmatic half-human, half-alien figure known as Dizzy, this website explores the captivating and otherworldly. From UFO sightings to haunted places and all things wonderfully weird, offers an out-of-this-world exploration of the extraordinary.

Our Goal:

With our diverse range of content, our ultimate goal is to inspire our readers, provide them with accurate information, and go above and beyond the shallow clickbait that saturates the online world. We strive to deliver meaningful and captivating experiences that leave a lasting impact. At ZenaeFilmZ, we believe in the power of authentic engagement and the importance of nurturing an informed and entertained audience.